Dressing Details

We worked extensively with physicians and wound care professionals to develop NPWT dressings that can quickly produce a tight seal around the wound bed – the most important factor for success using negative pressure. Our anatomically fitted dressings are used with the extriCARE® NPWT System and are designed for fast, easy application.

Our oval and sacral NPWT dressings utilize a wound pad enclosed in mesh under an adhesive film that can be applied directly to the wound bed. Please see the video below for details on how to apply these dressings.

We’ve also produced an NPWT dressing for use on the forefoot, which we believe could fill a void in patient care. View our instructional NPWT forefoot dressing video that shows how to apply this dressing properly.

NPWT – extriCARE® Dressing Application

Easy Application

  • Intuitive design helps decrease wound preparation time
  • Clinicians can see additional patients faster

Anatomical Fitting

  • Create tight seals for various parts of the body
  • Various sizes and shapes available


  • Attached tubing includes luer lock
  • Dressings typically changed every 48-72 hours

extriCARE™ Dressing Measurements

Type of Dressing Dressing Size Dressing Pad Size
Mini Oval EC2400-MN 120 mm x 130 mm (4.7" x 5.1") 50 mm x 60 mm (2.0" x 2.3")
Small Oval EC2400-SO 160 mm x 180 mm (6.3" x 7.1") 80 mm x 100 mm (3.1" x 3.9")
Large Oval EC2400-LO 192 mm x 270 mm (7.6" x 10.6") 77 mm x 152 mm (3.0" x 6.0")
Extra Large Oval EC2400-IM 140 mm x 310 mm (5.5" x 12.2") 72 mm x 220 mm (2.8" x 8.7")
Sacral EC2400-S 245 mm x 225 mm (9.6" x 8.9") 140 mm x 125 mm (5.5" x 5.0")
Foot EC2400-F 350 mm x 280 mm (13.8" x 11.0") 320 mm x 100 mm (12.6" x 3.9")
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