Clinical DVT & Cirona™ 6100 FAQs

Can the sleeves be worn in direct contact with patients’ skin?
Yes. The sleeves can be worn against the skin. Our pumps and sleeves are tested and FDA cleared. If contact dermatitis occurs, place a thin piece of gauze between the skin and the cuff, or place the cuff over a pant leg.

Are the sleeves pressure customizable?
No. The pressure is preset for patients’ convenience at 40mmHg.

Are the sleeves re-usable?
No. The sleeve garments are intended for single patient use.

How many garment wraps come in one purchase package?
One pair of garments (2 garments) come in each package.

What if the garment wraps do not fit?
Our calf garments come in three different sizes ranging from 20” up to 32”. The calf-thigh garments come in 4 different sizes ranging from 22” up to 42”, and our foot garments come in two sizes from 13” up to 16”. All garments use self-adjustable Velcro strips for a more custom fit.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Technical DVT & Cirona™ 6100 FAQs

Does the pump operate only when plugged in?
Yes. The pump works only when it is plugged into a safe and grounded outlet.

What are the codes used for billing?

  • Pump: E0676
  • Extension Tubing: A9900
  • Sleeves – A9900 (when used on initial issue); A4600 (when used as a replacement)
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