Product Details

The FDA and PDAC-approved Cirona™ 6100 Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Prevention Therapy System (Medicare reimbursement code E0676) is used preventatively to increase venous blood flow in patients at risk of deep vein thrombosis. This would  include patients who experience trauma, critical care, general medicine, and general surgery, as well as who may have undergone neurological, orthopedic, urologic, obstetric treatments and conditions.

The user-friendly system consists of a 5.5-pound pump, extension tubing and a single-use pair of soft compression garments for the calf, calf-thigh, or foot. The sleeves are made of a soft, breathable fabric and are equipped with a adjustable sleeve closure to accommodate even the largest of patients.

These features provide ideal comfort and reliability for patients, while offering clinicians a user-friendly and effective device in the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Key Features

  • Additional Accessories to System: Extension tubing set and bed hanger included 
  • Easy Application: Quick-release connectors allow for easy garment removal; easy to use disposable and single-use sleeves
  • Customizable Treatment Mode: Single-leg mode or dual-leg mode that can be changed anytime
  • User Friendly Set-up: Treatment can be paused and started anytime

Cirona™ Sleeve Measurements

Model Application Circumference Patient Sizing
D-110 Calf Up to 17" Standard
D-120 Calf Up to 23" Large
D-125 Calf Up to 32" Extra Large
D-135 Calf - Thigh Up to 22" Small
D-130 Calf - Thigh Up to 28" Standard
D-140 Calf - Thigh Up to 36" Large
D-145 Calf - Thigh Up to 42" Extra Large
F-15 Foot Up to 13" Small
F-10 Foot Up to 16" Standard
Extension Tubing Set 6' tube extender to connect the garments to the device
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