Devon Medical designed iRelax® to help those struggling with stress management. iRelax® is a personal stress manager that uses biofeedback to aid the user in relaxing and managing stress. It guides user’s respiratory pace with gradual, slow, steady, and deep respiration. It is the size of a fingertip pulse oximeter, which makes it easily portable and usable just about anywhere.

“What a great product! As a neurologist specializing in adolescent migraines, stress management is a big part of my treatments. What I love about iRelax is that it’s so small and portable. The visuals of the lung graphic on the screen make it so easy to understand for the younger patients that I work with. It’s highly intuitive and easy to use! I’d definitely recommend iRelax for anyone looking for a stress management tool.”
– Dr. Alison Alford, Pediatric Neurologist
Richmond, VA

iRelax® combines breath guidance training with heart rate variability biofeedback technology. Relaxation is measured by comparing respiratory rhythm with heart rate variability. Intuitive and easy to follow, this biofeedback device displays a graphic guide for its user’s breathing rate to achieve the desired level of reduced stress and to increase user’s relaxation.

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Product Features:

  • Small, lightweight, and easy to operate & carry
  • Dynamic evaluation of relaxation status during the training
  • Real-time display of heart rate variability curve
  • Automatic assessment after training
  • Up to 24 hours continuous battery life
  • Clear color OLED graphic display
  • Guides respiration with intuitive graph and selectable training levels
  • Auto power on and off
  • Real-time display of pulse rate, pulse strength, & respiration guidance
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