Devon Medical is a global medical device manufacturer and distributor. Since 2005, we have developed innovative and quality medical devices that are affordable for healthcare environments and patients worldwide.

Our exclusive therapeutic devices treat and prevent various types of wounds and health complications. Our product line includes the extriCARE® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) System, the CircuFlow™ lymphedema compression therapy pump series for the treatment of venous stasis and lymphedema, and the ArterioFlow® 7500 arterial compression pump for the prevention and treatment of ulcers related to diabetic foot and other arterial diseases. We also have an array of diagnostic devices available for various types of patients.

We are headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and have international offices staffed with bilingual engineers, product development teams, and regulatory experts.

Our Approach

Patients, healthcare providers, distributors, pharmacies, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies look to us for innovative, affordable, and high-quality medical products.

Our goals are anchored in developing and providing innovative products that address efficacy and price. As a physician-owned company, Devon Medical prides itself on being highly in touch with the needs and demands of the medical community.

We operate with several key principles in mind:


Our approach to innovation is anchored in technological innovation and cost innovation.

Unforeseen obstacles and new demands are uncovered daily in the medical community that requires a higher degree of technology. Devon Medical seeks to pioneer ground-breaking solutions through various in R&D programs, production processes, and patent-pending solutions. Maximizing safety for healthcare workers and patients, as well as making application of healthcare treatments easier, are among our technological goals.

From a cost standpoint, we believe that no healthcare provider or patient should ever feel forced to choose between quality and affordability. We leverage all market resources available to provide the medical world with cost-effective and affordable products and solutions. And, as a manufacturer and distributor, we can eliminate middle-men and sell direct to alleviate costs.


Product development is the backbone of Devon Medical Products. Our team of over 30 bilingual engineers, research & development teams, and regulatory affairs experts help us compete, invent, and create in the medical device world.

If you are an engineer, or have product ideas and need a manufacturing partner, please contact us.

Global Reach

Devon Medical strives to impact healthcare delivery domestically in the United States but also internationally. We operate manufacturing facilities in the United States and China. Our worldwide distributor network helps us deliver medical devices to many parts of South America, Europe, and Asia.

Today, our goal is to increase exports of medical devices manufactured in the United States and help drive sales into other international markets. Our partners on other continents share this goal, and we look forward to continued expansion abroad.

Devon Medical is a part of the Devon International Group, a multinational group of companies spanning the healthcare, IT, and international business industries. For more information, please visit


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